Welcome to Tipton Baptist Church

Due to all services being cancelled, we at TBC will be hosting a live stream of our service Sunday morning at 10:30 AM on our YouTube channel! Tune in to see and hear Pastor Jason Mauk speak on Psalm 61. You can use the link below to go to the channel! Subscribe and turn on the notification bell and you will be notified on your smartphone exactly when the stream will begin!
Don’t have YouTube access? We will also be featuring a call method where you can call in and listen to the message using any phone you like. All you have to do is dial the number 720-835-5448 where you will type in a PIN # which is 60567 and it will connect you to a call to hear the message!
 Church – 684-4941 | 708 Deborah St. Tipton, PA
School – 684-5348 | P.O. Box 303